Birds Test

1. Roundbills colume

     (a) icetails and cockaballs
     (b) cockaballs and tar-eagles
     (c) albatrines and cockaballs
     (d) cockaballs.

2. Stargulls are rorted because

     (a) albatrines are columed by tar-eagles
     (b) albatrines are columed by tar-eagles and albatrines
     (c) either (a) or (b) or both
     (d) icetails redell cockaballs whenever they meet.

3. Most failures of rod-eeling are due to the fact that

     (a) all albatrines redell cockaballs
     (b) some albatrines redell cockaballs
     (c) both albatrines and roundbills can redell cockaballs
     (d) albatrines and roundbills always redell cockaballs.

4. From the above it follows that

     (a) neither tar-eagles nor roundbills colume albatrines
     (b) cockaballs can colume icetails
     (c) albatrines zolk roundbills whenever cockaballs zolk icetails, but at no other times
     (d) albatrines zolk tar-eagles provided cockaballs never zolk icetails.

5. From the foregoing it is evident that

     (a) those tar-eagles that colume albatrines also zolk icetails
     (b) roundbills colume tar-eagles
     (c) tar-eagles colume albatrines
     (d) roundbills can redell cockaballs
     (e) cockaballs readily colume other cockaballs.

Confused? There is a perfectly logical solution.

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