We are as fortunate as multi-millionaires. Each of us who lives a normal life is in possession of many things that those who lack them would gladly pay a million dollars to regain. We have four working limbs, an intact brain, eyesight, and no terminal disease. In addition to our major body systems, we have a home, abundant food, water, and medical care. The list can be extended in many directions: friends, family, freedom, memories, music, as well as absence of chronic pain and physical threat. Any of these is worth more than money, which is just a means to an end.

It is far more than the glass half full vs half empty distinction. It is about living a life of a glass that is 99% full. Yet, the mind being what it is, we tend to focus on the 1% that is lacking, on the worries, problems and drawbacks that are an inescapable part of living. It is all too easy to take our abundance for granted.

Uta Herzog, "The problem is that we all possess a functional brain whose main raison d'etre is to problem solve. Therefore even the smallest problem is infinitely more attractive than the many fortunate circumstances we enjoy."

Tad Boniecki
November 2015

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