Here are my 12 best mountain photos. New

Hawaii sports the second largest (not the second highest) volcano on earth. This is the massive shield shaped monster called Mauna Loa. New

Hawaii also has one of the lowest and most active volcanoes on earth. This is Kilauea. New

On vacation in September 2000 I walked around Mt Blanc. The route was 186 km, which I covered in 7 days. This is one of the "classic" walks of Europe and passes through three countries and seven valleys, in what amounts to a large national park. It was a good feeling to do such a long circular walk alone and it felt like an achievement. The views on the French side were spectacular. Tour of Mt Blanc

In 2002 I walked out one morning and kept going up till I became an Accidental Alpinist. I have added 24 photos to the account.

In August 2005 I walked most of the way around Monte Rosa, which is on the Swiss-Italian border, and climbed three 4000 metre peaks. These were the Allalinhorn, the Breithorn and the spectacular Mt Castor (4226m). Tour of Monte Rosa

In March 2009, Les and I went trekking in the South Patagonian Andes

Here are some shots from my climb of Mt Cotopaxi (5,897m) in Ecuador: Cotopaxi 1 and Cotopaxi 2.

The wonderful peaks around Mt Cook in New Zealand: NZ 4, NZ 5, NZ 6, NZ 7 and NZ 8.

Les and I did some climbing above Chamonix: Chamonix 6, Chamonix 7 and Chamonix 8.

We also visited Malaysia: the Pinnacles and Mt Kinabalu, both in Borneo.

The crater of Cotopaxi (5897m) in Ecuador

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