The choice Warning: many of these jokes deal with sex, giving scant regard to political correctness.
If you wish to be offended and amused, proceed. Laughter is surely the best medicine.

The perils of translation.

It seems that even mysticism can be fun

Collected short jokes

The human brain explained An essay by Tad Boniecki, with diagram attached, to explain why male and female brains are just as they are. 1 page, 760 words, written in May 1999, posted on 4 June 2000.

The Perfect Day, for her and for him (source: Anon)

Smoking in the rain (source: Anon)

The Confessional: story about a priest and a rabbi (source: Anon)

Windows Haiku (source: Anon)

Work (source: Anon)

Nuns and holy water (source: Anon)

Oz Tourism explained (source: Larnie at VirualTourist)

There are 18 more jokes at the beginning of this article, which attempts to explain why we find things funny.

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