Patagonia Trekking Equipment List

Travel Each Pack
Each Waterproof pack cover (Tad will have only a plastic bag inside the pack)
Each Daypack (not for Tad)
Each Plastic / waterproof bags, including for camera
Each Thick camping mat
Each Sleeping bag
Les Special South American compass (Les has regular one)
Each Glacier goggles / wrap-around sunglasses
Each Money belt (under clothes)
Each Head-lamp / torch, spare batteries
Each Small towel
Each Diary (not for Les)
Tad Toilet paper
Each Camera, lenses, filters, spare memory cards and batteries, recharger
Each 1 litre water bottle
Tad Soap
Each Shaving blades (Tad won't shave)
Each Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, interdens
Les Tea towel
Les Sewing kit (minimal)
Les Repair kit (safety pins enough?)
Each Handkerchiefs
Each Pen, paper
Tad 3 garbage bags for rubbish
Each Passport, documents
Each Passport photocopies
Each Airplane e-ticket
Each Money, credit card
Les Pen knife
Les Tent
Each Maps, waterproof map holder?
Tad Pages from guidebooks
Les Alarm clock
Tad European power plug (Les won’t have any electrical items)
Each Book to read on flight
Tad Elastic bands and twisters
Clothes Each Waterproof jacket
Each Fleece jackets or inner synthetic jacket
Each Quick dry T-shirts and base layer micro-fleece (just 1 T-shirt for Tad)
Each Waterproof pants
Each Hiking trousers
Each Thermal underwear (not for Tad)
Each Walking socks
Each Waterproof boots
Each Gaiters
Each Gloves
Each Waterproof overgloves
Each Balaclava
Each Sunhat with string below chin
Food related         Tad Stove
Punta Arenas Fuel bottles (cannot take fuel on a plane)
Tad Matches / lighter - 2 boxes in case one gets wet
Les Pot - 1.75 litre
Les Empty water bag (useful if water source is not right at the camp site)
Each Bowl - not needed
Tad Spoon, fork, teaspoon (2 of these combined as one implement)
Each Plastic mug / cup
Each Morning (bars) + evening food (dehydrated meals) for 10 days (3 TP + 4 FR + 3 reserve)
Each Lunch for 15 days (8 TP + 4 FR + 3 reserve)
Each Tea & coffee
Each Sugar
Tad Hook (& bag) to suspend food from roof of tent
Medical Each Lip cover
Tad Insect repellent
Tad Total sunblock
Each Blister pads and lots of band aids
Tad Diarrhoea medicine
Tad Tinnea cream?
Les First-aid kit
Each Water purification tablets
Tad Vitamin C soluble, to mask iodine for purified water
Each Vitamins?

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