Italy 2007: Reflected Venice

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Reflected Venice

Blue oval puddles of sky resting on the water,
Parts of disembodied shapes
Caricatures of man-made things,
Such as liquid bricks swaying gently
Ruffled by a transparent breeze,
Fluid plaster, dry yet nimbly plastic,
Illegibly tantalising lettering
Written in random orientations,
Buildings stretched or compacted
On the waves' momentary impulse.

The familiar rendered abstract,
The banal given mystery,
Ugliness made whole.

Circles and curves in sinuous perspectives
As cubist fantasies become real,
Stolid buildings effortlessly pulled apart
And re-joined,
Railings woven and temporarily plaited
Then regrouped in alternative patterns,
Thick lines corrugated and trembling
As if drawn by Parkinson's,
All shapes arbitrarily dis-figured
Yet there is not a clumsy line,
Why cannot I draw like this?

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