Fifty word stories

error divine

"There must be some mistake," she thought. How could the good Lord permit such a fiasco, especially on Christmas?

The 24-caret curare-tipped crucifix had missed the belly of the impudent rationalist by a crucial five millimetres. For the first time ever, the Sisters of Divine Retribution had fluffed a hit.

the end

"No! I can't do it!" he cried out silently. The unspeakable was about to happen. Death was infinitely preferable to this ignoble end. An unstoppable force pushed him. Its name: love. Then a transcendental orgasm as his resistance collapsed.

The doctor pulled him out upside down and whacked him on the rump.

change of allegiance

"There must be some mistake!" he cried. Sir Reginald Wiltstone-Burgess, OBE, rose to his lobster-skinned six foot one, and swore by the royal corgis that while a drop of claret still coursed through his narrowed arteries, he would never salute a pair of thongs in place of the Union Jack.

If not now then when?

"There must be some mistake," she thought groggily, as the robed gentleman pulled her gently out of the room. Struggling to keep up with him she protested, "I came here to rest and get well". "Come along," he chided her, "No more of that. There's no rest in the grave."

the true nature of bernadette

"There must be some mistake," he thought. Actually, she was not at all as his imagination fondled her. I know this because I am the author. She was entirely selfish and insensitive, but heavily socialised into being a model 'good girl', fully against her nature. In a word, a bitch.

There must be some mistake

"There must be some mistake," she thought. She had already put her lunch into her briefcase that morning. There it sat on the serving-table, silently accusing her memory. She picked it up, slipped it into her case. "There must be some mistake," she thought. She had already put her lunch...


If you can bear to read more, here they are, but be warned: they only get worse.
Tad Boniecki

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