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Welcome to Soler7, which offers philosophy, psychology, fractals and artistic photography.

InFrequently Asked Questions: This attempts to answer the big questions of psychology and philosophy, questions that are asked infrequently. There are questions concerning the meaning of life, enlightenment, love, Who Am I?, evil, time, wisdom and the philosophy of consciousness. The various articles explore the overlap between psychology and philosophy. There are also diversions such as humour, fiction, puzzles and paradoxes. Many of these have their ramifications in philosophy. Also featured are discussions of the philosophy of Kant and the philosophy of Krishnamurti. There is the psychology of humour, the psychology of sex, the enneagram psychology and articles on handling psychological problems. Soler's Fractal Gallery: The fractal part of the site contains hundreds of fractals that can be saved on your computer. Fractals are complex and often beautiful computer graphics. Fractals are the images of chaos that lie at the intersection of mathematical equations and esthetics. There are also free fractal program downloads and both elementary and in-depth explanatory articles regarding how fractals are generated and what they are.

Answering the big questions of love, psychology and philosophy

Hundreds of free fractal pics that can be downloaded to your computer



Soler's Mountain Treks:  This is the high-altitude part of the site. It explores the lure of walking and climbing in the mountains, expressed in words and photos. There are descriptions of high mountain hikes around Mt Blanc and Mt Rosa in the Alps with many photos, as well as trekking in the Andes of Patagonia.
Soler's Travel Photo Gallery: This features a large gallery of photos expressing the joy of water as it runs, and other subjects, mostly from nature. There are helpful articles on digital photography, including Photoshop and how to improve your photo-making. You can look at and copy many free large-format photos from various trips around the world, including some excellent wildlife photos from the Galapagos.

The lure of walking in the mountains in words and pictures

Artistic travel photos for free

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The fractal part of this site was created on 27 Nov 1999.