If you know next to nothing about fractals (also called фрактал, frattale, fraktal) then you might want to read an elementary explanation of the what, why, how, and when of fractals.
What are fractals?

If you just want to look at some fractal pictures then click on one of the small images on this page. You are welcome to keep copies of the images. I began making fractals in 1998 and have now made 28,000, mostly using the wonderful programs Tierazon and Sterling. This includes over 3,000 three-dimensional fractals. My best 1,056 fractals are on this site. All of the 2D fractals were made using one of the programs written by the amazing Stephen C. Ferguson. Since the large images are best seen full-screen, please hit F11.

Grand Premiere Sterling fractal
Grand Premiere SterlingW266aa1

Corn flower Tierazon fractal
Corn flower Tierazon4875aa

Metal plate Tierazon fractal
Metal plate Tierazon1424aa

Stormy world Tierazon fractal
Stormy world Tierazon2963aa3

Upward towards oblivion Tierazon fractal
Upward towards oblivion Tierazon3367aa

Fractal rocket science Tierazon
Fractal rocket science Tierazon526aa

Energy beams Tierazon fractal
Energy beams Tierazon4172aa

Fetish Ktaza fractal
Fetish ktaza235aa

Copper life-form Tierazon fractal
Copper life form Tierazon4046aa

Pond Ktaza fractal
Pond ktaza376aa

Mystic cross Tierazon fractal
Mystic cross Tierazon4618aa

Super volcano Tierazon fractal
Super volcano Tierazon4414aa

More two-dimensional fractals

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Three-dimensional fractals

3D 1   3D 2   3D 3   3D 4   3D 5   3D 6   3D 7   3D 8   3D 9   3D 10   3D 11   3D 12   3D 13  
3D 14   3D 15   3D 16   3D 17   3D 18   3D 19   3D 20   3D 21   3D 22   3D 23   3D 24  New

Sterling2 is an excellent and free fractal generating program based on Stephen Ferguson's Sterling. Download it here. Rooms 20 to 23 showcase fractals made using Sterling2.

Twenty-five gallery pages, some movies and an explanation of three-dimensional fractals. It's amazing that such complex images are generated by simple mathematical formulas.

Here is an annotated selection of my best fractals and here are my best 3D fractals.

Click here to read about fractal-generating programs and download a free program of your choice.

New: If you want to start making fractals then begin here.

If you are puzzled about how anti-aliasing can improve your fractal images then click here.

So you have made a fractal, but it looks dull or the colours clash. I recommend changing the colours using a graphic program.

If you already use Tierazon you may want to get Tierazon instructions written by me. Also available: Sterling instructions and Visions of Chaos instructions.

I made four posters using fractals for a gem poster competition held in Brazil in May 2011. I didn't win but I think the images are interesting.

I mocked up a fractal necklace using gemstones. The original fractal is here. New

Visit Paul DeCelle's fractal art gallery.

Stroll through a fractal museum.

Try another fine fractal site: Third Apex to Fractovia, and then there's Fractal Arts.

There are fractal program downloads at Software Informer.

There is a news group dedicated to fractal images

That's all very well, but is it art?

The joy of symmetry New


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